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One of the sweet things about adding a native, solitary bee house to your backyard is that it nestles into a hidden corner of your backyard without changing the aesthetics. There are so many good reasons to raise native bees – and installing a house will fit right in.

Native bees are solitary, so they don’t congregate into hives like honey bees. They just look for small holes to nest in and raise offspring, an easy offering for you to provide.

Honey bees have received a lot of attention over the recent years as their outlook turned into a perilous state. Many aren’t aware that native bees too are similarly affected. Our native bees deserve a resurgence of attention to support their survival, and for all of their benefits!

  • No hive to defend means solitary bees are gentle & non-aggressive
  • They pollinate up to 100 times more effectively than honey bees.
  • They do not build a hive or make honey, instead they raise their young in nesting holes.
  • They are easy-to-raise by anyone and require far less maintenance than honey bees. Not to mention, they are fun for kids and adults!
  • They do not induce anaphylactic shock and they rarely sting.
  • They are native to North America, this means they will not become invasive.

photo of client yard

Crown Bees in Woodinville, WA helps us learn more about our native bees and how to support them. While their resources are available FREE year-round, they are currently offering 20% OFF of bee houses thru the end of November!

1. Get your own bee house 20% off
2. Share with a friend, young or old!

Crown Bees says:
“Native bees are gentle, easy to raise, and fun to watch bees who help us double or triple our food yield. Raising native bees in your gardens, farms, and orchards creates much-needed habitat for pollinators.”

With an organic home landscape that has a diversity of flowering plants, you have an ideal location for a native bee home. Thanks for doing your part to support native species!

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