A new report out has us organic-guys (and gals!) giddy with excitement… Organic agriculture is rising faster than ever previously reported! An 11 percent rise just since 2014. For those of us that practice organic horticulture this is great news because agriculture sets the stage for where horticulture is going. Only makes sense right? — What we feed our bodies (agriculture) eventually follows us out into our backyards (horticulture).


photo of client yard

As a boy that grew up in upper Illinois and spent much of his youth in Wisconsin and Minnesota, I would like to make particular note of the Wisconsin organic acreage… 255,971! Way to go my Wisconsin brethren!

I also need to point out another amazing fact from the report: “Montana has seen a 30 percent increase in organic farmland, reaching 417,000 acres in 2016, an increase of 100,000 acres since 2014 and adding 50 new organic farms.” High fives all around on Montana! I’ll be sure to stop and eat there next time I am driving through.

I think 2017 is going to be a really good year…

photo of client yard

High 5’s All Around!