Global Warming Solved!


To the untrained eye this may look like just some burnt wood or charcoal but it is actually a processed product called “Biochar.” Not very exciting until you figure Biochar may be our saving grace in locking up carbon from our atmosphere and immensely helping with our global warming problem!

Here’s how it works… Plants do a great job in converting CO2 from the atmosphere into oxygen for us to breathe (the “O2”) and they store the “C” or carbon within their structure such as the wood in the center of a tree or the cellulose that makes up the fibrous part of other plants.When those plants die a small portion of their carbon becomes compost and gets locked up in the soil and the rest gets released back into the atmosphere.

Biochar takes raw carbon sources (downed trees, blackberry canes, bamboo shoots, etc.) and through a heating process called pyrolysis converts the biomass into stable carbon. Pyrolysis is heating a biomass at really high temperatures but doing it without oxygen in order to protect the core properties of the carbon. In the end you have an incredibly viable product that can be stored in the earth for millenniums without breaking down. You are storing the “C” that adds to global warming.

And the really cool thing?… Biochar is carbon negative… It removes more carbon from the air than it produces by making it… A LOT MORE!

But that is just the beginning…  In future blogs you will find out about how cooking by pyrolysis is helping solve air quality problems in third world countries; How Biochar is helping improve the tilth of our lands; And how you, the property owner, can use Biochar to improve your landscape while being an environmental steward.

So stay tuned…