What is Biochar?
Biochar is charcoal derived from plant matter (i.e. trees) that when amended into the soil increases water holding capacity, facilitates nutrient exchange, increases biological activity, and improves soil structure. Biochar is a very stable form of carbon so it is also a means of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Black Owl Biochar’s website: www.biocharsupreme.com

Biochar is produced through a process called “pyrolysis.” Pyrolysis is very hot fires where the oxygen has been cut off. This stabilizes the carbon, evaporates all the saps, oils and water and produces unbelievably porous charcoal while minimizing ash. One gram of biochar can have up to 45 miles of surface area!

Black Owl Biochar has been ground so that the particle sizes are fairly consistent for ease of application. While we use Biochar mainly for Soil Enhancement it is also being used for other environmental benefits…

Black Owl Biochar offers many mixtures depending on your application. Currently, we are stocking the “Infusion” product which has been soaked with a worm-castings brewed tea. This is important because an “uncharged” or “un-infused” biochar will take nutrients from the soil while it is filling up. Call us at 253-927-2523 to get a bag or 2!