Clover Islands for Bees

The crazy customers we get!

Recently one of our bee friendly neighbors was heartbroken when he went to mow his lawn and found that he was removing all the clover flowers from which the bees were gathering nectar. Not only that but it was taking him forever to mow because he felt guilt everytime a bee got sucked up into the mower. He devised a new scheme to give his lawn a mowing and yet still leave the flowers for the bees and called it, “Clover Islands for Bees.”

We love it! With all the recent news of Colony Bee Collapse what a great way to give the bees a place to graze and create some real eye-opening appeal in your neighborhood. We’re not sure what the other homeowners will say but stayed tuned for what may turn out to be a mini-drama.

As we have been experimenting with this technique we have noticed that as the clover islands get more mature their flower production starts to back off. We came up with a 3-tiered system… The lowest tier is our normally mowed lawn. The middle tier is the highest setting on our mower to clean off a good portion of the older and less fruitful flowers. And the highest tier are those areas we didn’t mow this week.

Try it yourself and tell us what you think…

Bee Islands