How Is FertileTea Created By Earthdance Organics?

FertileTea is a probiotic compost tea designed to boost plant health naturally. By adding beneficial, living microorganisms to your soils, FertileTea helps build a robust and resilient habitat for your plants to thrive. Healthy soils are not only good for your plants, but they also help the environment by filtering pollutants, absorbing water, and storing carbon. In essence, your soils become an agent for a healthy landscape.


So, what’s in it?

Our FertileTea is made by aerating worm castings (worm poop) in dechlorinated water for 24 hours. The main food source for the worms is composed of 60% cow manure from free-range, non-hormone and non-antibiotic cows and 40% horse manure collected from barn stalls. Aerating during the brewing process enhances the growth of beneficial microbes in the tea. At the end of the brew cycle, we mix in the appropriate amendments determined by your Soil Test and the season that we’re in.

Brewing compost teas has been popular in organic agriculture for decades and is now even being adopted by the Maintenance Departments at Harvard and Yale. Harvard shares a great demonstration of their on-campus process. The positive results are evident. Investing in the health of the soil builds the healthy, resilient plants we desire.

Our yards are often depleted because they are made of infill, from applications of high-nitrogen fertilizers, and because we mow and haul plant debris away without replenishing what that plant debris offered. Biologically active communities help plants absorb nutrients, naturally suppress disease, and allow the soil to absorb more water, filter pollutants, and store carbon from the atmosphere. The tea feeds and inoculates your soil so that the soil food bank grows and stores its own fertility. In the long-term, as the soil food web grows, we aim to reduce the number of visits per year.

Healthier Soils

Disease Supression

Water Conservation

Carbon Sequestration

Improved Soil Structure

Nourished Plants

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