Another exciting day down-on-the-farm (well, actually it is our Tea House!)… We are getting prepared for our fall organic service applications and after picking up a fresh cubic yard of worm castings from the Yelm Worm Farm ( we began blending it with our remaining pile of worm castings and came across some mycorrhizal fungi. So we made a little video so you could see the soil binding properties and hear how the clumps of worm castings crackles as it is pulled apart.

Check out the video here: Mycorrhizae in worm castings, Earthdance Organics video link

Or the Youtube Link here:

Here is a picture of mycorrhizal fungi that has formed a symbiotic relationship with these plant roots…photo of client yardResearchers have found mycorrhizal fungi up to 10 times further away than the furthest root hairs of a plant acting like a sponge pulling water and additional nutrients back to the plant. It is so small that there can be more than 30 miles of fungal threads in just 1 teaspoon of fungal soils. The picture below is a microscopic picture of the fungi attached to the itsy-bitsy end of a root hair…photo of client yard Another amazing life support system brought to you by Nature and 1 more reason we are excited about helping our customers restore this vital symbiotic relationship to their landscapes.