Life on Earth depends on bacteria, a seemingly boring topic until you realize that your body is loaded with them — more than 100 trillion live on and in you! That’s about 2% of your body weight or for me about 3.5 of client yard

Most bacteria are good and some are bad. When we promote the good ones the bad ones don’t become a problem. But it is a delicate balancing act and once thrown out of balance those little guys can kill us. Or, conversely, they can keep us healthy.

The same is true in our soils where more than 4 billion bacteria can be found in just 1 teaspoon of healthy soil. They help with all naturally occurring processes of breaking down organic matter, freeing up nutrients, sequestering nitrogen from the air into the soil and protecting plant health. Truly, in the world of microorganisms, bacteria is a key player.

This is why we brew FertileTea to bring the good bacteria to our customers’ properties to help with natural plant health. It’s kind of like probiotics or yogurt for our bodies where we promote the good guys and the bad guys stay at of client yard

A wonderful article on bacteria can be found at:

photo of client yardWritten for the Carleton College “Voice,” it discusses the promise of bacteria in our everyday life from fighting cancer to cleaning up our environment. A good read for those of us who are crazy about Nature’s bounty…