As a landscape professional I tend to get overwhelmed with chemical “solutions” to the “problems” we face on our customers’ lawns. The barrage has just begun with Dow AgroSciences sending out an early reminder that I need to get chemicals on my customers’ lawns to head off customer dissatisfaction and the dreadful “callback.”

photo of client yard

So what’s the problem you ask with controlling a few weeds with chemicals? Honestly, the problem isn’t in applying one chemical product one time because if that were all we did Nature would be able to recover and be just fine. The problem lies in the sales approach and marketing that all of our gardening woes can be solved through the use of chemistry… And that customers want it!

The last time I checked the “Investor’s News” of a competing manufacturer to Dow AgroSciences, they weren’t satisfied with the billions of gallons of their herbicide already being applied around the world and saw the “opportunity” to increase the use by 20% in just one year. In my opinion, that’s the problem… It’s big business going for bigger sales targets and bigger profits… Not what is best for the Earth.

Check out this list of herbicides that I can purchase from just this one chemical manufacturer, Dow AgroSciences …

photo of client yard

And this list doesn’t include their offering of insecticides or fungicides.

Now, I don’t want to disparage the people at the chemical manufacturers as I would like to think that they honestly believe that what they are doing is creating common good for all Earth’s inhabitants. But do we really need 13 chemicals — from just one manufacturer, mind you — to control “weeds?” I suppose they would like to think so.

Fortunately we know of another way and that is working with Nature instead of fighting her. At Earthdance Organics we look to see how Nature naturally combats “weeds” and what they mean to her natural processes. Once we understand how her systems work we can get weed control without the use of strong chemicals.

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