photo of client yardOkay, I have to confess… Yes, my lawn probably gets more food applied during the year than most of my customers but check out the deep emerald green color in the middle of January! It’s actually darker than Pantone 350! Unlike most every other lawn I see this time of year mine hasn’t yellowed much at all. AND, I don’t feed it a high nitrogen diet and never apply iron!

Why do I point out my low nitrogen diet free of iron with so many exclamation points? Because high nitrogen and iron is the trick most of my chemical peers use when they want to make the grass greener. This is only a temporary fix and actually damages what it is that Earthdance Organics is trying to create… Healthy, biologically active soils with lots of food reserves.

My lawn stays green because of the balanced food available and awesome biological life. ¬†AND, if that were not enough, I have done zero — repeat, ZERO — to my lawn since its last mowing in October. Why is this important to point out? Because high nitrogen diets increase our workload by making the grass grow faster. AND, if all we are depending on is a diet of high nitrogen then when the winter rains wash it through the soils all we are left with yellow grass until we crank on more chemicals.

But most importantly to me, my grass is HAPPY! No lie… It tells me so every time I walk across her. ūüôā