photo of client yard

Speaking for bees, we need our pollinators. Our bee population is in peril, but the awesome news is we can make a difference, and give them habitat to thrive. They will thank us by working diligently to create a blooming and fruitful garden.

Earthdance Organics will incorporate a bee haven of gentle, solitary bees into your organic garden, or we will create a fantastic wildlife habitat to include these pollinators, just for you. Yes, you can “bee” a bee keeper, and we can help!

Earthdance Organics is thrilled to offer bee nesting and housing from Crown Bees   The following is from Crown Bees website:

“Hive-less solitary bees, like the mason and leafcutter bee, are gentle, easy to raise and are amazing pollinators. Most people are familiar with their European honey bee cousin, but there are major differences between these incredible insects:

  • No hive to defend means solitary bees are gentle & non-aggressive.
  • They pollinate up to 100 times more effectively than honey bees.
  • They do not build a hive or make honey, instead they raise their young in nesting holes.
  • They are easy-to-raise by anyone and require far less maintenance than honey bees. Not to mention, they are fun for kids and adults!
  • They do not induce anaphylactic shock and they rarely sting.
  • They are native to North America, this means they will not become invasive.”

Here’s a fun fact, which most of you will celebrate such as I did– a messy garden is the best habitat for wildlife. Isn’t that great! You don’t have to worry about weeding or mowing anymore. So, we know that’s not realistic, and you won’t make friends with your neighbors, but we do need to relax a little, and understand that trying to obtain perfection in our yards can sometimes be harmful to the very creatures that make it a place of beauty. Dandelions are one of the first food sources for bees, and they absolutely love Clover, yum.

photo of client yard

This is so exciting! Kudos to healthy soils, smart watering, the right plant for the right place, and BEES! You can have a sustainable, organic garden that attracts and nurtures wildlife right where you live.  Earthdance Organics can help you. Give us a call at 253.927.2523. Our pollinators will be glad you did!