Moss Removal for a Healthy Lawn

Organic Lawn Service in Tacoma, Washington and South Puget Sound


Finally, get rid of moss from your lawn, and don’t let it come back.

If you are struggling with moss in your lawn, chances are you haven’t addressed the underlying issues, namely soil health. Earthdance Organics has the solution that not only keeps moss at bay but also deals with other issues like fungus, brown spots, and weeds.

Our lawn care program will revitalize your lawn, improve your soil health, and make your personal property a place of pride and a beautiful natural space for your family and wildlife to enjoy. And we do it all without the need for harmful chemicals or pesticides — organically, of course!

Left to its own demise, moss can overrun a lawn. Earthdance Organics uses 100% organic and organic-based amendments to nourish your soil and turfgrass, in order to eliminate moss and sustain a healthy lawn. After taking a comprehensive assessment of your property, we outline a plan to bring your soil chemistry and biology into balance. Our non toxic methods ensure that your home environment is safe for children and pets to play on, and an inviting place for wildlife. When you have holistically healthy soil, your grass will be more resistant to moss and weeds!

Organic moss removal methods:

  • Adjusting the pH of the soil to make it less acidic
  • Changing existing landscape to allow for more sunlight
  • Monitoring irrigation to avoid overwatering
  • Increasing soil biodiversity through FertileTea application
  • Improving air flow in your lawn through dethatching and aerating
  • Amending your soil for better drainage to reduce moss growth
Why is moss in lawns such a problem in the Pacific Northwest?

Environmental factors like shade, acidic soil, and wet soil all contribute to the problem. Many homeowners struggle with moss in their lawns because the climate provides ideal conditions for it. Earthdance Organics has proven natural methods to eliminate moss and enhance the health of your lawn, all while maintaining an organic lifestyle through our organic lawn care program.

Do “Moss Killer” products work?

Moss Killer products are only a quick fix to your moss problem. They need to be paired with a program that balances the soil chemistry and biology to actually get rid of the problem. Otherwise, these products used repeatedly actually promote the growth of moss. We recommend getting to the root cause of why moss is flourishing in your lawn. Moss loves shade, moisture, and acidic soils.

How does the overuse of Moss Killer products actually promote moss growth?

The active ingredient in Moss Killer products is iron, and iron kills moss. When applied too often, iron, a heavy metal, accumulates in the soil. Since iron is very acidic, this contradicts your goal of making your soil less acidic. And so the moss returns…

Earthdance Organics’ Organic Lawn Care Program is a long-term solution to eliminate moss from your lawn and ensure that it’s a safe and joyful place for your family, pets, and wildlife to play in!

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