Our goal at Earthdance Organics is to maintain our customers’s properties 100% organically. We can’t always start off with 100% organic products because when we are handed a property that has been chemically induced many times we are using “bridge” products — organic-based or natural products but not 100% organic. We do this to try and achieve aesthetic results while converting the property over time to our organic system. We view the use of chemicals and non-organic products as a temporary problem solver that 1, 2 or 3 years down the road will not be needed again.

photo of client yardSo for us to rave about the potential benefits of a chemical product on our site is highly unusual. But here we go…

On my tour yesterday of the Farwest Show in Portland, Oregon, I ran across a small display booth with 1 chemical offering, Civitas, a new patent-pending technology that uses 80% less chemical to kill weeds in lawns. It has the same chemical make-up as a very popular chemical called “Trimec.” As the name implies, it is the mixture of 3 strong chemicals used to knock-out weeds from lawns. Take a look at the new Civitas percentages immediately below and the percentages in Trimec that follows. Huge reduction in chemicals being used and yet purported to have the same efficacy!photo of client yardphoto of client yard

We hesitate from using any chemical but with this new nano-technology should we have to resort to a weed killer temporarily this one greatly reduces the amount of chemical being applied.photo of client yard

But the real reason we are so excited about this product? With 90% of landscape maintenance companies spraying chemicals as their first choice instead of their last resort this new technology could have dramatic effects on reducing chemical residues on your neighbor’s property, in our parks, at the office and on our school grounds!

For my peers: Distribution in the Seattle/Tacoma market is just starting up. You can get more information at www.civitaslawn.com or contact Robert DeWitt who has asked for sample product and distribution information.

With our customers’ support we’ll keep pushing the envelope towards a chemical-free outdoor environment and continue leading our peers towards a more gentle treatment of Nature.