Organic Lawn Care Program

We understand it’s hard to keep your lawn healthy and robust year-round while offering a safe environment for your family, pets, and wildlife. More traditional lawn care methods often compromise at least one of these aspects. Earthdance Organics is a bit different: we only offer 100% Organic services. Our Lawn Care Program focuses on building nourishing soils so your lawn will thrive without compromising the safety of your home environment.

Even more, our goal is to work ourselves out of a job. By replicating and encouraging Nature’s systems, your lawn becomes self-sustaining and resilient. The closer we can move your landscape to what Nature intends, the less work we need to do and the more sustainable your property becomes.

We do this by following our Step-by-Step Process. The process always begins with a Soil Test to analyze your soil so we can remediate any deficiencies there are.

photo of client yard

Then the Organic Lawn Program includes a combination of services:

The Organic Lawn Program includes 6 service visits/year. Services and procedures are coordinated with the seasons and customized to meet the particular needs of your soil.

As we restore and balance the health of the soil, the lawn will begin to thrive on its own. In subsequent years, usually starting around year 3, we will be able to reduce the necessary number of service visits. This will not only save you money but also reduce our carbon footprint. Really, that’s our goal! Our hope is to reduce our visits to just three/year- lawns just need more care than other plants in our gardens.

For lawns that need some restoration, we also offer Lawn Renovation Services. These services are designed to fill in patches and bring life back to your lawn for a fraction of the cost of tearing it out and starting over. We offer both traditional grass seed options, and alternative lawn mixes too.
You can enjoy a lawn that looks great year-round, is a joy to play in, and offers peace of mind.

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