Organic Plant Care Program

Holistic plant care replicates Nature’s systems and focuses on restoring healthy soils. Healthy soils allow plant roots to establish symbiotic relationships, support plant cycles’ innate rhythm, and allow plants to grow resilient to pest and weather challenges. We use a comprehensive Soil Test to assess what is out of balance, which determines our path toward thriving plants and a flourishing garden. Our goal at Earthdance Organics is to set your plants up for success and work ourselves out of a job.

Our holistic Organic Plant Care Program involves 6 applications/year of our FertileTea mixed with customized Organic amendments specifically determined by your Soil Test results. We’re passionate about using Organic-based methods which not only support robust, healthy plants, but ensure that you and your family stay healthy, and that our net impact on the environment is positive.

Much of our industry applies toxic chemicals that are not safe for people, pets, or wildlife. We are committed to using practices that are non-toxic and closely replicate Nature’s own processes, while investing in the long-term health of the environment. Each subdivided piece of land connects to another and collectively makes up the Puget Sound watershed ecosystem. We can support you in utilizing your own property as a way to contribute to this effort, while offering the most to your family and neighbors. 

For trees and shrubs that are struggling and need extra, more immediate assistance, we offer Deep Root Feeding services.

We offer Technical Pruning for trees that are under 20’ tall to our service members. For larger trees, we recommend calling one of our Earth Service Partners.

Our first approach to disease, insect, and pest management is prevention. Restoring healthy soils diminishes many of these problems and prevents them from recurring. For Disease, Insect, and Pest Management that can’t be controlled this way, we use Integrated Pest Management(IPM) practices. The problem is viewed from an ecosystem perspective to understand its cause and limit applying chemicals only as a last resort. In these cases when the pests and diseases are above our acceptable thresholds, we use Organic and Organic-based products to carefully target the problem.

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