Our Step-by-Step Process

Guaranteed to build a healthier lawn for your family, pets, and the environment.

  • Getting Started: We start with an in-depth Soil Test to find out what’s happening below the surface. One of our experts will assess the condition of your lawn and plants and gather a soil sample for lab testing. This information is key to prescribing the best path for building your organic soil.
  • Waking Up Your Soil: Next, we bring life to your soil by intensely soaking your property with our hot-brewed, probiotic compost tea, FertileTea teaming with beneficial microbes. This step is coupled with Core Aeration to open up air passages allowing your soils to “breathe”.
  • Ongoing Services: Our process continues with our Organic Lawn & Plant Care Program which includes 6 service rounds per season. This features our probiotic FertileTea, premium organic fertilizers, essential minerals and nutrients, natural weed suppressors, control of soil acidity, and yearly core aeration. We always cater the FertileTea application to what your soils need.

Our 6 service rounds are carefully synchronized with the seasonal plant cycles.

For lawns that are tired, worn out, and in need of a lot of immediate attention, we offer a full range of Lawn Renovation Services. These services are offered in combination with our Organic Lawn & Plant Care Program with a customer commitment of one year of services.

Pricing & Money Savings

All of our Organic Lawn & Plant Care Services have pricing based on the square footage of lawn and plant beds on your property. We use online maps and GIS to view your property for a detailed estimate.

As your soils mature into healthy, biologically active communities, we can reduce our services from 6 to 4 visits per year. Most properties can see a reduction in services by the third year depending on the initial soil health. This will not only save you money but will also reduce your carbon footprint.

For more information related to Building Healthy Soils, please see: