photo of client yardExciting news for our customers as we just received a new shipment of an enhanced mycorrhizae product, Myco-Apply Maxx which will replace our current product, Myco-Apply Endo. The new product will be mixed into our FertileTea at the end of the brewing cycle and be applied with the tea to your properties. The new product is the best on the market with  9 species Endo mycorrhizae, 10 species Ecto mycorrhizae, 12 Species Bacteria, 2 species Trichoderma and specially formulated amendments 1-0.5-7.

If you thought our products were off-the-wall before, well — we just took it up another notch! Here’s to the healthiest plants and soils in the Pacific Northwest!

If you are into specifics of how mycorrhizal fungi works you can read all about it at: