As we prepare for a new season ahead of us, this might be the time of year some of you are thinking through The Great Lawn Debate. In a climate that favors mossy forests, is it worth it to maintain a lawn?

The beautiful rolling, grassy fields found in the Great Plains are so inviting:

Grasslands in Montana

Grasslands ecosystem in Montana.
Source: The Nature Conservancy

But grasslands are not native ecosystems in Western Washington, and that’s partly why they seem to require so much work.

The Debate
Yes, there are benefits of having lawns- room for play, socializing outdoors, and a private place to meander and reconnect. But there are also drawbacks– maintaining a lawn often requires money and time, in the form of regular mowing, irrigation, and all of the maintenance.

So, What’s the Right Answer?
Lawns done inappropriately are indeed a HUGE waste. Watering almost daily, mowing weekly, and fertilizing monthly is all a big sink of resources. Lawns maintained in a way that supports their natural growth cycles allow us to enjoy the benefits of lawns while minimizing the drawbacks. Using organic techniques allow you to cut that investment in half.

Kids and dogs enjoy playing in lush lawns

Building the fertility and life of the soil using organic methods offers several advantages. The lawn:

  • can fend for itself without a regular dosing of fertilizer (less pollution)
  • grows at more sustained rates (less mowing and less watering)
  • has deeper root systems (also less watering and drought hardiness)
  • is less prone to disease and moss infestation (fewer headaches)

It’s undeniable the many advantages a lawn can have for our physical and mental well-being. In order for their to be a net positive gain, it’s important to minimize the effort and investment we put into it. If you bring the nutrition and soil life into balance, you’ll build a system that can work on its own.

If you’re looking for help to build your lawn, including DIY resources, please reach out to us! We’re experts in organic lawn and plant care.