We want to share with you an inspiring project by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and offer to pay for your garden’s certification. The NWF’s certified Garden for Wildlife program® is a community of people around the country who are restoring land to resilient habitats that provide critical resources for native wildlife. This is very close to our hearts. Certification allows you to connect with the community, and it offers resources and supplies to help you learn more about how our ecosystems thrive and who you might find in your backyard. They are supporting your inner Activist.

We at Earthdance Organics have the same belief as the Garden for Wildlife® program, and believe that the collective impact homeowners and land stewards have can be profound. Monoculture lawns, synthetic fertilizers, and pesticides that compromise these restorative efforts are on their way out. Instead, we choose construction and management practices that not only reduce the amount of resources and inputs, but also support native species. The focus is on restoring habitats to their resilient nature where we coexist along with them. The benefit for you is that not only are you speaking up for the environment and supporting our native habitat, but you get to enjoy the flora, fauna, and fungi right at home in your own backyard!

The Garden for Wildlife® program has identified 5 pillars critical for providing a safe habitat for birds, bees, butterflies, and other wildlife. They are 1) Food, 2) Water, 3) Cover, 4) Places to raise young, and 5) Sustainable practices. All of our home landscapes have limitations, so the program helps identify a few changes that we can make in these categories. To figure out what might work in your own community, you can access all of their resources at the NWF website. There is a small fee to certify, but if you are an Earthdance Service client, we will credit your next Invoice $20 to cover the cost of certification.

As many of us are spending more time at home this year, our hope for you is that you might meet a new species this season in your yard and take pride in offering a welcoming habitat for them. Whether big like the Cooper’s Hawk, or small like the Calligrapha beetle, our region is home to a large diversity of species, all important to celebrate and protect. If you need help understanding how you can convert or improve your home wildlife habitat, give us a call. We’d be happy to walk you through options and best practices.

As we focus on staying safe and healthy, we’re thinking of all the living species too.