photo of client yard

Every day seems to bring with it a new disaster-in-the-making for our Earth… From 500 million bees killed in Brazil, to a mother Orca whale carrying around her dead baby on her nose for 17 days, to Hurricane Dorian that is currently creating disaster from the Bahamas to the East Coast. It is understandable that we just want to roll over and pull the covers back over our heads!

But when we meet the light of day, our natural reaction is to do something, anything, to help Mother Nature. She needs us and we are going to save Her! — or so we think. And it is this thinking that keeps getting us in more trouble… You see, Mother Nature does not need you or anyone to “save” Her.

Our Earth would be a lot better off if all humans got on a spaceship and went to another planet. You see, Earth is a perfectly balanced ecosystem that if let alone would not continue to implode as we are currently experiencing but would go back to a balanced centerpoint — a centerpoint of beauty.

It is beauty, or more precisely our ability to experience beauty, that is probably our saving grace. And what an amazing blessing it is to be able to sense beauty! Imagine for a moment if you couldn’t see the beauty of a rose with the morning dew on it… Or the warm afternoon sun setting low and lighting the prairie… Or seeing the beauty of the majestic whale breaching high above the ocean water… How dead of emotional lives would be.

And it is this great gift — the ability to see beauty — that lets us know that something is wrong in our world right now. We sense that the Earth is losing its beauty and it grinds on our internal barometer until we feel urged, motivated and spurred into action. So, in our need to do something, we plan how we can save the Earth. But if the Earth doesn’t need us to save it, what are we to do? What is the action we should take?

It is a hard pill to swallow but the task at hand is saving people from themselves. “Ouch!” 

We, humans, are really good about telling Nature what we need… We want iron ore, rubber, oil, leather, plastic so we can have a car. We want wood, copper, steel, and fabrics so we can have a house. We want food, water, and air so we can live and breathe. And Nature is this amazing gift that just keeps on giving and giving and giving and never bothering to tell us to stop taking. Or so it would seem…

Is the loss of beauty a telltale sign of what is to come? How do we recover from where we are at and how do we go about saving people from themselves?

We need to find a new relationship with our Earth. By realizing that we are here to stay and every action we take must be taken with the Earth in mind is where it begins. By stopping and listening to what Mother Nature needs is how it continues. By walking gently on the Earth. By taking our family out to meander in the forest. By looking deeply into the center of a flower and seeing something far greater than the sum of the parts. By stopping and breathing and watching the hummingbird look for nectar in our garden. By holding Nature as a divine gift and sharing this divine gift with others.

Mother Nature does not need you or anyone to “save” Her. Left to her own accord, she does a pretty good job of it. We need to sense Her beauty and allow Nature to do what she knows how to do best. Think organic. Think natural. Think balanced ecosystem. Then do anything you can to support this.

The Earth is the Great Gift. Treat it as such and it will treat you well…