Well, we may not be able to get the Mariners to the World Series but for us Seattleites that doesn’t mean we can’t set more records… MOST RAIN EVER RECORDED BETWEEN OCTOBER AND APRIL!!! Now that is something to write¬†home about…


photo of client yard

And it doesn’t end there… While I am not sure it is a record it needs to be noted that I have taken far more Vitamin D this winter than I can ever remember…


photo of client yard

What is going on?! While the rest of the country will be baking in record breaking temperatures, in the Pacific Northwest we would at least like to see the resemblance of a tan line. But NO! That is not going to happen anytime soon…


photo of client yard

All of this to say… “If your lawn isn’t looking its best, give it a break!” Grass likes the things we like… NOT STANDING IN WATER UP TO OUR ANKLES FOR MONTHS ON END AND SUNLIGHT! It’ll happen but let’s give it some time. ūüôā