This winter seems to be particularly mild so far, so it’s important to give special care to roses. Right now, many roses are still producing flower buds. For long-term rose plant health, they need to experience dormancy before the next growing season. It’s January, and for a plant, Spring is fast-approaching.

It’s important that roses go through their dormancy phase before next Spring. Since we can’t control the weather, what can we do about it? We can signal to the plants to force dormancy.

How to Force Rose Dormancy
1. Prune off any flower buds (bring inside to float in a small dish of water to enjoy).
2. Strip the plant of all foliage (carefully!).
3. Dispose of all plant material in a municipal compost bin or in the trash – do not put in your at-home compost. Roses are prone to many fungal diseases that can survive in your compost.It’s as easy as that! If your roses experienced disease last year, you may want to consider spraying them with dormant oil spray this winter (spray any time before leaf break late February/early March) to prevent future disease.We offer dormant oil spray services to our current clients! We’re here to ensure your home landscape looks better than it ever has before.