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Are You Confused About The Benefits of Organic Lawn Care?

  • Are you worried if your lawn is safe for your family and pets?
  • Are you looking for alternatives to chemicals and pesticides?
  • Do you wish your yard was more inviting to wildlife?
  • Do you have concerns about protecting the environment?


A Soil Test is key to diagnosing any soil imbalances and ensuring that all of our organic-based amendments are tailored to build robust soils for your landscape.


Soils that nourish and protect our plants are characterized by soil nutrition, soil life, and soil texture, the 3 pillars of soil integrity.  


Organic-based lawn fertilization services that focus on building healthy soils to create lush lawns that are safe for kids, pets, and wildlife.

Plant Care

Services that support healthy plants, trees, and shrubs using an organic-based approach and specializing in disease prevention.

Your home landscape is your own little piece of the Puget Sound, a stunning region with a high diversity of ecosystems, a place to celebrate and protect. Imagine this: Your yard can be an outdoor living space that is a joy to spend time in and doesn’t compromise the health of your family, pets, or any of the wildlife. You can enjoy robust landscapes that offer year-round beauty, right in your own backyard!

Over the last few decades, the status quo for lawn care wasn’t prioritizing your health or the health of the ecosystem. It has predominantly prioritized a frequent fertilizing and watering schedule to maintain a deep green lawn. We’re happy to share that there are other, safer, more environmentally-friendly solutions.

The key to safe lawns is to use non-toxic organic amendments teaming with life, which help build the healthiest soils. Feeding the soil in this way allows plants to become more resilient by developing deeper roots which access more balanced nutrition, help plants defend against pest and climate challenges, require less water and fertilizer, and grow at more sustainable rates.

There are a number of beneficial outcomes for the Environment. When we care for yards holistically, we understand that these pieces of land are connected to make corridors for critical wildlife habitat. We understand that the rainfall that our plants don’t drink up or that stays in our soil eventually flows downstream. We understand that globally, there is urgency to sequester more carbon from the atmosphere, and to support the living beings that aren’t always given a voice. Our Organic Lawn and Plant Care Services offer care for you and the environment, will inspire neighbors, and offer peace of mind to your inner Environmental Activist.


I have worked with Earthdance Organics for several years. The variety of services and organic treatments have enhanced my landscape design, improved the health of my lawn and plants.  Thanks Earthdance, see you in the yard!
Pamela S.

I could not be happier with the results.  Earthdance Organics has assembled a dream team of pleasant, knowledgeable and efficient people.
Aaron B.

I was so pleased with the pruning service I received from Earthdance Organics. Cody and Rico arrived on time and did a walk through with me, listening carefully to my request and suggestions. They were helpful in collaborating on the right pruning cuts for shaping a variety of trees, dogwoods, crab apple, spruce and sourwoods. I highly recommend Earthdance Organics for pruning your ornamental trees.
Karen L.

Earthdance Organics

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