Deep Root Feeding

Deep Root Feeding is a safe and effective way to manage diseases and give underperforming plants a boost in vitality. If you observe classic symptoms of a root borne disease, such as curling or misshapen leaves, then Deep Root Feeding could give your plants the boost it needs. 

Deep Root Feeding gets its name from the process of drilling holes into the ground near the base of the plant, where fungal fighters and fertilizers go down deep to the “root of the problem”. This treatment will help plants regenerate during stressful conditions by increasing plant immunity and providing disease protection.

Using a mixture of our probiotic FertileTea, Actinovate (a bio-fungicide), Azomite (a complete mineral product), as well as humic acids, sea kelp, and mycorrhizal fungi, we pour the solution near the plant base allowing it to penetrate the cored holes.

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