Lawn Renovation

Bring life back to your lawn for a fraction of the cost of tearing it out and starting over. We’ll prepare the soil, re-seed, and apply a seed cover that will help new seed become established. We always start with a Soil Test so we can understand what’s happening in your soil. Then we follow-up with a minimum of a year of our Organic Lawn & Plant Care Program (6 service rounds) to ensure your lawn will grow robust and resilient.


Traditional Lawns

Grass seed is commonly overlooked for its unique qualities. Many times we see our lawn as just “grass” when in reality it is a select group of “plants” designed to perform a specific function. We have specific grass seed to meet your needs. Whether full sun or full shade, or something in between, we have seed mixes for hard-use playfields, hard-to-mow areas, and low water areas too. Let’s get the right seed to help your lawn looking lush and verdant year-round.

Alternative Lawns

We now offer lawn alternatives! This Fleur de Lawn® has many benefits over a traditional lawn with 100% grass/sod. It offers more for your soil, for the pollinators, and for the good looks of your yard. And it’s more drought tolerant.

Fleur de Lawn® is a special blend of plants developed in collaboration with Oregon State University. These plants grow in a symbiotic relationship with each other: clovers offer Nitrogen to the soil and crowds out weeds, yarrow taproots penetrate deep into the soil, english daisies offer food to pollinators, and grass offers that dense pillowy soil cover that’s fun to play in.

The Fleur de Lawn® can be mowed at a 3” height like a more manicured lawn, or mowed to a height of 5” for more of a meadow look. Depending on your color pallet and preferences, this is available with just white flowers, or pink and white flowers.

We have other options too! Please let us know if you’re looking for something else and we’d love to share these options with you. We’ve got seed mixes with added chamomile that add to the fragrance of the yard, and seed mixes especially for no-irrigation situations. We’ve even got wildflower mixes! So many ways to customize the beauty of your yard.

For more information related to our Organic Lawn Care Program, please see: