Guide to Lawn & Garden Soil Services


Organic Lawn Care Services

Earthdance Organics will help guide you in transforming your ugly, failing lawn, to lush, vibrant healthy turf. The focus is on soil care, to get to the root of the problem. Once your soil is revitalized, a healthy lawn will follow. To restore the soil, a combination of regular applications of our FertileTea, Organic Fertilizers and Soil Amendments, and annual core aeration will provide a tailored prescription for your lawn.

Organic Plant Care Services

Earthdance Organics can help you to improve the health of your landscape, transforming it from struggling to thriving! The focus on healthy soil and FertileTea applications will provide the foundation that all plants need to grow strong and vital. Regardless of the nutritional needs of the plants that grow in your yard, Earthdance Organics will guide you to a healthy landscape.

Weed Control

Earthdance Organics will help you find the solution to your weed problems. First the weeds growing in your planting beds or lawn are identified, and various techniques to reduce these pests are used: increasing soil health, using pre-emergent herbicides and reducing the bare areas of soil they thrive in.

Moss Removal

Earthdance Organics will help you to find the right methods to eliminate moss and enhance the health of your lawn, all while maintaining an organic lifestyle through our Organic Lawn Care Program.