Organic Lawn Care Program


What’s the solution for ugly lawns? Organic Lawn Care

Are you embarrassed by the state of your lawn?

Your lawn can be afflicted by all kinds of problems. You may have noticed dead patches, weeds, puddling, a build up of thatch, moss, or a combination of these issues. It can make it hard for you to enjoy your lawn – you may find yourself avoiding it and spending time elsewhere. If you’re worried about using weed killers and other traditional lawn treatments and are looking for a solution that lasts in the long-term, organics is your solution.

A struggling, patchy lawn in need of our Organic Lawn Care Service.

Organic Lawn Care Program

Organic lawn care uses a combination of techniques to change the conditions of your turf. It locates the imbalances and fixes them, rather than just covering them up. Amendments and organic herbicides, combined with a program to build soil heath will get you on your way to a lush, resilient lawn. By replicating and encouraging Nature’s systems, organics will help your lawn become self-sustaining and resilient, with more access to water and nutrients.


A Step-By-Step Process

We follow a step-by-step process to rehab your property, starting with a soil test. After assessing your soil, we provide you with a plan, tailored specifically to your soil’s needs. We administer 6 treatments a year, in accordance with the seasons. Each service is a combination of a FertileTea application, organic fertilizers, soil amendments and other vital amendments, depending on the needs of your specific soil. As your soil revitalizes over time, typically after 2-3 years, we can reduce the treatments to 4 per year.

The application of a seasonal FertileTea treatment is part of our Organic Lawn Care Service.


The Lawn Care Program Includes

Feeding with Probiotic FertileTea – We apply our brewed FertileTea, teeming with beneficial microbial life, to your lawn. This is the start of nursing your turf back to life.

Organic Fertilizers – We use only Organic Fertilizers that break down over time, providing continuous food for the turf to encourage optimal growth.

Aeration – We always aerate the lawn once a year as part of our Lawn Care Program. Supplying air to the roots is as important as nutrients. Aeration helps ease compaction, puddling, and thatch. It also helps our FertileTea, fertilizers, and amendments in reaching the grass roots.

Controlling Moss – We control moss in lawns by feeding turf the nutrients it needs to naturally crowd out the moss. This is especially an issue in Pacific Northwest gardens and in shady turf, where moss can dominate.

Managing Weeds – With the help of corn gluten meal, we kill emerging weeds in the Fall. By invigorating the turf with all the nutrients it needs to grow stronger, deeper roots, the lawn will naturally crowd out the weeds.

For particularly bad lawn problems, consider our Lawn Renovation Program. We also offer an extra service of Organic Herbicide Treatment. Ask us about adding this to your Organic Lawn Care Program.