Deep Root Feeding Services for Stressed and Diseased Plants


Deep Root Feeding is for plants experiencing a higher level of stress and disease that need an immediate solution

What is Deep Root Feeding?

Deep Root Feeding is a safe and effective way to manage plant diseases and give underperforming plants a boost in vitality. If you observe classic symptoms of root- borne diseases, such as curling or misshapen leaves, sparse growth or twig die-back, or discoloration, then Deep Root Feeding could give your plants the boost they need.

Deep Root Feeding gets its name from the process of drilling holes into the ground around the root zone of the plant. Here, fungal fighters and fertilizers can be delivered down deep to the “root of the problem”. This treatment will help plants regenerate by easing stressful growing conditions and by increasing plant immunity, and providing disease protection.

After drilling we apply a mixture of our probiotic FertileTea, Actinovate (a bio-fungicide), Azomite (a complete mineral product), as well as humic acids, sea kelp, and mycorrhizal fungi. The solution is poured into the root zone of trees and shrubs, allowing it to penetrate the earth through the cored holes, reaching the roots.

Compacted soil can also be a cause of plants languishing, and not getting the nutrition they need. Deep Root Feeding helps ease compaction and aids in aerating the soil, as well as delivering the nutrients to the roots, where they’re needed. Other approaches, such as use of Fertilizer sticks, don’t work very well. These products are pounded into the ground around trees or shrubs. The results are limited in the treatment they provide; they just provide nutrients and lack in helping combat disease. Earthdance Organics’ approach provides a mixture of products designed to awaken the beneficial soil biology, providing on-going soil improvement and nutrition.