Organic Fertilizers Are Crucial in a Healthy Soil Program


What is Fertilizer?

Fertilizer is any substance used to enhance the soil so that it is capable of sustaining abundant plant growth. The term Fertilizer can apply to a wide variety of substances.


Most fertilizers contain Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (N-P-K) in big quantities, as these are the macronutrients needed by plants in large amounts, to support growth, flower, seed and root production. The ratios of these macronutrients can vary, depending upon the type of plant being fertilized. Other nutrients needed in large amounts by plants are Magnesium and Calcium. Calcium can commonly be deficient in soils. Dolomite or gypsum, are common providers of Calcium for plants. These fertilizers are also used in agriculture in large amounts to make the soil more alkaline and fertile, helping the soil absorb other nutrients.


There are also many micronutrients, such as Zinc, Sulfur, Copper and Iron, needed by plants in smaller amounts. We pay attention to the soil test results and make sure that plants get all the nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong.

Organic Fertilizer

Earthdance Organics uses organic and organic-based fertilizers. They have the advantage of breaking down slowly over time and remaining in the soil for months, providing sustained nutrition for plants. They are also safe for wildlife and pets.


Organic fertilizers are made from organic matter, such as animal manure or composted plant material. These have the advantage of improving soils as well as providing nutrients for plants. For example, Calcium can help improve soil structure as well as being an essential nutrient for plants. Calcium is said to “sweeten” the soil as it acts like a sticky sap binding organic matter in the soil with clay particles. This enhances the soil’s drainage as well as provides a holding place for nutrients.

Earthdance Organics Approach

We can guide you to healthy soils using organic and organic-based fertilizers. Different fertilizers are used at different times of year, based on the needs of the plants. Spring is the season for rapid plant growth, whilst the summer is the season for developing flowers. We use a variety of fertilizers to respond to changing plant needs. We often use fertilizers from Hendrikus Organics, a local company that makes high quality, organic fertilizers. We also use Azomite, which contains over 70 minerals and trace elements that help root development, and is good for use in all soil types.

Plant Nutrition & pH

Whether or not nutrients in the soil are available to plants, very much depends upon soil pH. For example iron is often found in clay soils in good levels, but is only available at a pH of 7 or lower. If the soil is any more alkaline, then the iron is not available to the plants for uptake. So some pH adjustments may be necessary to get your soil to where plants can take up most minerals they need.

Whatever your soil needs, Earthdance Organics can help guide you to the safe, healthy lawn you’ve always wanted.