Soil Testing


Soil Testing To Determine Your Lawn and Garden Needs

Getting Started with Soil Testing

Our first step in guiding you to healthy soil is to assess your property. Your Earthdance Organics Specialist will gather soil samples from various locations throughout your property. Then the lab will analyze the soil, providing us with details about soil composition, pH, and nutrient availability. This information is key in developing a Treatment Plan for your lawn and planting beds and is required by law for application of certain amendments in Washington.

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It all starts with soil testing to determine the right treatment for your landscape.

It all starts with one very simple idea: healthy soil, grows a healthy landscape. If there’s an imbalance in your soil, then you’re stressed plants won’t thrive. We rely on science, taking the guesswork out of applying fertilizer and amendments, and only applying what your soil really needs as determined by a soil test.


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Getting started with Organics requires a personalized, up-close analysis with a soil test.
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Soil Treatment Plan

Our next step is to interpret your soil report into a personalized soil treatment plan for your lawn and/or garden. The soil report tells us what nutrients are available in your soil, how the soil chemistry is functioning, and sometimes tells us how the land was treated before you got there.

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From this we determine our plan for your yard. Our process continues with our Organic Lawn or Plant Care Program which includes 6 service rounds per season. This features our probiotic FertileTea, premium organic fertilizers, essential minerals and nutrients, natural weed suppressors, control of soil acidity, and yearly core aeration. We always cater the FertileTea application to what your soils need.

For lawns that are tired, worn out, and in need of a lot of immediate attention, we offer a full range of Lawn Renovation Services. These services are offered in combination with our Organic Lawn & Plant Care Program with a customer commitment of one year of services.

Pricing & Money Savings

All of our Organic Lawn & Plant Care Services have pricing based on the square footage of lawn and plant beds on your property. We use online maps and GIS to view your property for a detailed estimate.

As your soils mature into healthy, biologically active communities, we can reduce our services from 6 to 4 visits per year. Most properties can see a reduction in services by the third year depending on the initial soil health. This will not only save you money but will also reduce your carbon footprint.